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I-TECH Sub Sea Slope Indicators
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The I-TECH slope indicator tackles the complex problem of product levelling in a sub sea environment with an innovative and simple solution that has no costly or failure prone electrical components — it instead relies on simple mechanics, and some advanced mathematics and engineering.

Traceability — Each slope indicator has a unique identification number which in turn relates to a batch number. This gives us complete process trace from start to finish of each batch of slope indicators.

Testing — Slope indicators are type tested annually to depths of 18,000 feet by an independent testing house. Random profile and finish testing by an independent registered testing establishment. Each slope indicator is subject to our own rigorous in house inspection and inclinometer tests.

Sealed — Each indicator is completely sealed from any outside environment via its completely sealed acrylic construction. The filling plug is torqued and encapsulated in tensol 12 cement to ensure a total seal.

Construction — The I-Techs unique all acrylic construction allows us to keep the overall weight of a unit to approximately 8.5kg. By using innovative engineering techniques we are able to eliminate the use of failure prone electronic components in the unit's construction.

Bubbles — Each slope unit is checked for bubbles before transportation. An allowable bubble of up to 12.7mm diameter is acceptable and will not affect the unit's performance. This is the industry standard for such products. No unit leaves our factory with bubbles present.

The I-Tech works to the BS EN 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System standard.

The I-Tech can be used in a variety of sub sea applications. These are typically: Pipelines, Habitats, Manifolds and Christmas Trees.

As each customer has different requirements we have developed a variety of sizes and degrees of I-Techs to cover most common requirements.

Degrees Sizes [Diameter]
0-2 150, 250, 350mm
0-5 150, 250, 350mm
1-10 350mm
0-15 350mm
0-7 125mm (R.O.V.)

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